Bedside Nursing provides the next level of care for your loved ones at home and reduce your daily worry in Uganda and East Africa.
In-home care allows your loved one to get the help he or she needs without giving up independence. If your loved one is healthy, you might be able to meet their needs on your own or hire someone for traditional in-home care.
When having a family caregiver or home health aide isn't enough, we can help. A Private Nurse from Bedside Nursing offers loved ones the level of care they need where they want it. Not in a nursing facility or hospital, but in the comfort and safety of home.

Unlike traditional home care services, private duty nurses provide one-on-one medical care. They are qualified to offer this care in the comfort of the patient's own home, or in a facility such as a hospital or nursing home. Private duty nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs) or Enrolled Nurses (ENs). In Uganda and East Africa. They can offer advanced care, working in tandem with the family. Our goal is to provide the customized care needed by our clients, all from one source.
Next-Level Home Care for Your Family Member
Specialized care requires special training, and we only hire qualified staff. Our private duty nurses are either licensed nurses (LNs) or Registered Nurses (RNs).
They're trained and certified to perform many advanced medical tasks, including:

• Maintain colostomy bag and catheter hygiene
• Personal medical care including nail trimming, oral cavity cleaning, and bowel supervision
• Administering medication including injections, inhalants, eye drops, oral, and topical medications
• Set up and maintain a medication schedule, including weekly pill boxes or automatic dispensers
• Track oxygen levels, use heart monitors, or other advanced in-home equipment
• Provide care training for family members

Our private duty nurses are available whenever you need them. From scheduled nursing visits to hourly care, someone is there to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Nurses are hired to work in any area of all the East African countries; Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Eastern Congo and Southern Sudan. work with your loved one's medical team to offer the professional support he or she needs.
Private duty nurses let loved ones live at home while receiving the care they require. They complement traditional in-home caregivers and give family members extra peace of mind.

“My patient is my heart”
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