Bedside Patient care attendants help patients who are unable to take care of themselves or perform regular daily routines. This can include taking care of the elderly, disabled, chronically ill, or otherwise impaired. We Train all our social workers for this occupation and voluntary certification is available. Personal care attendants have to meet health requirements and pass a criminal background check. A diploma or certificate in social works and social Administration is needed and a medical background to begin a career as a personal care attendant at Bedside Nursing and Caretaking services department of Saint Jennifer Foundation Aiding the Elderly(SJEFATE)

At Bedside Nursing we have different types of patient care attendants, including Nursing Assistants, Nurse's aides, Home Health Aides, Geriatric Aides, and Hospital Attendants. Some work in medical facilities, while others travel to patients' homes. Patient care attendants may work on a part-time or full-time basis depending on the needs of their clients. Day shifts, Weekends and evening shifts are typical and sometimes full time 24/7(depending on the personal needs of our patients)

A Bedside Nursing patient care attendant helps patients with basic grooming and dressing needs, administers medication, and, when working in a patient's home in any part of Ugandan and East Africa, often attends to basic housekeeping duties which the patient cannot get to. Throughout these routine tasks, a patient care attendant keeps the patient company, keeping an eye out for any changes in the patient's physical, emotional, or mental condition. The patient care attendant communicates the status of the patient, including any changes, periodically, to a supervisor(main help line at our office), Medical case manager, or Bedside nurse on the Emergency duty.

Our Bedside Patient Attendants are very compassionate, responsible, and comfortable working with people with various health issues and disabilities.
Some of our pioneer staff have worked in Nursing homes in Europe, USA, and Asian countries so we have experienced to do this work Globally.
Do you have your loved one at home or in hospitals all around East Africa, regardless of any kind of diagnosis, trust us to attend to your loved for we become one Family with out Patient that is why we have a Slogan;

“my patient is my heart”

Bedside Nursing and Caretaking services
Plot 29, Luwum street, kizito Towers, level 6, Room 1.