Most people like living in their own HOMES. The comfortable surroundings of your home provide the happiest environment. This does not change as we become older or if we have a disability. But what happens if there comes a time when you cannot remain living in your home without help? There may come a time when you or your loved one NEEDS ASSISTANCE with your domestic tasks like cooking, cleaning or laundry. You might need some help with your PERSONAL CARE, with dressing or personal hygiene,taking medication.

Perhaps you would welcome some BEDSIDE NURSING COMPANIONSHIP?
What do you do when you know that by living alone you are placing yourself in a position of risk? Perhaps you are returning home from hospital and are worried about how you will manage while you recover. Alternatively you may be wishing to plan a holiday but don't know if you would be able to cope alone.(or you have an obligation to take care of your loved one) You may have questions about or need help at home which you would like to discuss with an experienced person.

Saint Jennifer Foundation provides Bedside Nursing services Can Help You...       Home Care Benefits of Bedside Nursing and Caretaking services in Uganda-East East Africa.

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