“Ubi caritas, ibi vita.”


A Word From Namugera Louis Aloysius

Ever since my childhood I have been a person whose interests lies in the welfare of the people in society, although my priestly formation did not reach the day of ordination, it has helped me a lot as regards cooperation with different people of all professions and characters globally, as a seminarian I visited hospitals and communities in my holidays and weekends I got enthused always when I saw many old persons asking for aid, due to that love I had for people many became my good friends and we shared all(for example stories, support advices and the little token I had saved for them.) as I visited the elderly in their homes and some in the hospitals the following day I would find more other two friends of the one I had gone to visit. Time come when some zee (old man) brought five others to home as they wanted some help. “Tuzze wa fazaa atuuweyo akantuu” (we have come to a priest to give us something) that is what the old man said to my sister at home unfortunately I had returned to the seminary a day before, I was told by my dad on the visitation day. I felt very sad for I did not help them, however the heart of serving but not to be served still exhilarated me to go on and help the needy. Increased life expectancy has brought joy to not only me but also many families, as grandparents or even great-grandparents now see the youngest members of their families grow to adulthood.

“Pro Deo et patria” as our motto says “FOR GOD AND MY CONTRY” in 2015 the board of enthusiastic and unreserved Trustees decided to start up Saint Jennifer Foundation Aiding the Elderly (SJEFATE) we aspire to a society where all the Elderly are cared for with respect especially those who are hurting emotionally, mentally or physically, prevent ones from abuse and neglect (mostly women) by promoting positive and better health care in families and homes where the elderly is valued and loved. I thank God who has enabled me and my entire team to care for the elderly all around East Africa although some have gone to meet their creator in heaven I personally learnt and still learning a lot from them and indeed “Old is Gold”. I will tell all to my children and the children of my children.

We actually need support of any kind (finical, benefit in kind, materials and volunteers) to help the Elderly during their last period of living.

“Where there is love, there is life.”


Kyanja - Kungu
Kira Municipality
Wakiso District, Uganda.



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