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Louis Aloysious Namugera


Since my youth, I have been a person whose primary concern has been for the well-being of others. Although my priestly formation has not yet reached the point of ordination, it has aided me significantly in terms of cooperation and harmonious coexistence with individuals of diverse professions and personalities globally.

As a seminarian, I spent my vacations and weekends visiting hospitals and communities and felt intense grief whenever I saw many older adults scrounging. As a result of my passion for people, several elderly folks have become excellent friends with whom I have shared a great deal. The more I did this, the more people I encountered living in similar circumstances to those I had previously witnessed, in their homes and some in hospitals.

On one occasion, while I was still in seminary, one of the elderly individuals I used to see during my vacations came to my father's house with five of his neighbors seeking assistance. They stated to my younger sister at home, Tuzze wa fazaa atuuweyo akantuu,which translates as "We have come to the Priest for him to provide us with food." "As my father informed me on visitation day, it was terrible that I had returned to the seminary the previous day.
I was devastated that I could not assist them, and I recall wishing that there had been any way for me to help them. For me, it was a moving and enlightening event. This overwhelming anguish inspired me to devise a mechanism for providing support to those in need, particularly the frail and elderly, who deserve to be looked after, having spent their entire youth, and now approaching old age. This servant's heart has compelled me always to put others first and continue assisting the poor.
Through our efforts, we have assisted many elderly individuals in experiencing delight from being able to live a little bit longer and many families in seeing their youngest members grow to adulthood as grandparents or even great-grandparents. Such an achievement brings joy to my heart.

As our motto states, "Pro Deo et Patria," or "FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY," a board of enthusiastic and unreserved Trustees agreed in 2015 to establish Saint Jennifer Foundation Aiding the Elderly (SJEFATE) in this manner. We strive for a society in which all Seniors are treated with dignity, especially those who are emotionally, psychologically, or physically ill. We wish to see a community free of abuse and neglect by supporting positive and improved health care in families and households that cherish and love the elderly.
I appreciate God for enabling my entire team and me to care for the elderly in numerous locations around East Africa. While some have passed on to meet our Creator in heaven, I learned a great deal from them and honestly believe that "Old is Gold."

We wish to continue this phenomenal task and assist as many individuals as possible. We ask for your assistance and support in any way imaginable (Financial, Sponsorships, In-Kind, Materials, and Volunteers). As you browse our website, please contact us to see how you can help. Keep in mind that your assistance keeps us rolling. Thank you very much for your support.

Be blessed in all you do; I pray for God's blessing on you all.

“Ubi Caritus, Ibi Vita”